Summer Well


pageThousands of young pink, green or blue haired, crazy dresses people enjoyed the live music played at Summer Well, which is such a great festival. And we, we were among them.   I can’t really describe the feeling when you see so many hands wearing the same bracelets ,clapping together and on the background-one of the latest hits.

But the concerts were not everything! There were a lot of interesting and lifetime activities like flying in a hot air balloon or treasure haunting or getting a fake tattoo.  I did one of those activities, called “Tarzan”. I can’t really explain what I did but, it was so fun!

However, the best part of this festival was the people. They were young, careless and dressed so amazing. They had their style, that awesome festival style!

As far as I’m concerned, I dressed casually. On the first day, I wore a pair of high waisted shorts, sneackers, a backpack and my boyfriend’s cap (Yes, I love wearing boys clothes). And the second day was just the perfect occasion to wear this vintage deux piece which belonged to my mother and now it’s mine. I know and I am sorry for these unclear photos. So even if in this photo, it seems a skirt or even a dress, it isn’t! It contains a pair of large shorts and a mini top. But I think the floral print is the most amazing, and, of course, the fact that it was my mom’s.