Autumn Colours



EN:Green turns into yellow, tank tops into sweaters. So, this is autumn. Actually this is my favourite weather, not too hot not to be able to wear accessories, nor to cold not to be able to stay outside. Besides all this, it’s the perfect weather for sweaters, it’s a sweater weather!

Verdele se transforma in galben, iar minuscurile topuri cu vedere la buric in plovere mari si pufoase. Deci, asta e toamna. De fapt, asta e vremea mea preferata, nici prea cald ca sa nu putem purta accesorii (esarfe, caciuli etc), nici prea fig ca sa nu putem iesi afara si sa ne infofolim de-a dreptul. In plus, este vremea perfecta pentru plovere, esteΒ sweater weather!

IMG_6844IMG_6848 IMG_6849Β IMG_6856IMG_6854


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