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Breakfast is always the best time for something juicy, sweet and fresh- it just feels the right way to open the day. And when waffles with Nutella or maple syrup are added, it’s just a perfect opening of the day. And when it’s August and I’m still on the summer holiday I love eating breakfast in the garden. It’s not too hot, neither too cold, just the perfect weather. Breakfast at Tiffany’s soundtrack, a new photo on Instagram, a new bite of my waffle, the smell from my Caramel latte macchiato , another page from The One- the September Issue. So lovely!

I still don’t want to remember those breakfasts I have when I’m at school, actually having a croissant and some tea in my Starbucks tumbler on my way to school…I hate it! I don’t actually  have time to enjoy it and to think of what I’m gonna do that day.

But now, now I’m in my garden and I have enough time to plan conquering the world. But, of course, I’m not doing that, because I have to delight my coffee.IMG_6515


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